LOTUS WATCHES – Brand History

Lotus was founded in 1980 by Spanish businessman Miguel Rodriguez, who had dreamed of owning his own watch brand. Miguel Rodriguez had always wanted to create modern, high-quality, affordable watches and the Lotus brand has gained a stellar reputation over the last 25 years for doing exactly that. In 1984 Miguel Rodriguez brought respected watch brand Festina and created the Festina Group. Lotus watches are exported all over the world and they continue to be incredibly popular, especially in Spain where Lotus are a market leader.



Authorised retailer for Lotus Watches. Lotus are known for making high quality watches with contemporary designs at incredibly affordable prices. Lotus watches are incredibly popular with over 1.3 million watches sold in Spain alone since their launch. Lotus watches have a very distinct style and a number of them, like the Lotus L18103/1 Gents Watch, have a strap which looks a lot like a car tyre. The unique style makes the watches in the Lotus range stand out amongst the crowd.

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