JAGUAR CONNECTED – The iconic Jaguar model joins the connected world

A frantic lifestyle implies that you can easily get caught up in the everyday problems and not devote enough time to what really matters. You can now take back control over your time and squeeze every minute: Jaguar introduces Jaguar Hybrid.

A perfect blend between an analogue watch and a smartwatch, the Jaguar Connected collection includes a variety of masculine hybrid watches that do not neglect the well-known brand DNA. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, luminous indices, a robust 45.70 mm case that is water resistant up to 20 BAR, 316L stainless steel – including coatings in gold, rose gold, blue and black – make this collection the perfect watch for everyday use.

These watches have the appearance of an analog watch, so they maintain all the elegance and power of an iconic piece – nevertheless, they hide in their mechanism a series of benefits that will help the user to remain connected under their choice, without the slavery of the mobile phone.

Choosing what you want to pay attention to is one of the greatest features of the Jaguar Hybrid: through its system of filtered notifications, a subtle vibration inthe wrist will let you know who is trying to contact you, previously configured through the mobile application. Therefore, you can filter messages, calls and notifications from social networks and sort them by priority, to only attend to the most important.

With just pressing a button on the crown, its hands show on the dial information such as the date, a second time zone or the steps taken according to an established objective.

From the pushers you can control the music you listen from your mobile, take photos, save locations, locate your mobile in case of not findint it and sharie your location with a friend, so that you always feel safe when going back home.



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